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Initially in 2009-10, and more intensively from 2013, Peter embarked upon a new research path: the rediscovery of the forgotten musical patronage of one of the leading figures of the Stuart court-in-exile, Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart (1725-1807), who spent most of his life in Rome.

The fruits of Peter’s research have brought forth articles and recordings;  CD recorded by Harmonia Sacra, Princely Splendour, released on the Nimbus Alliance label in 2014 , featuring first recordings of choral works by some of Cardinal Henry’s composers such as Sebastiano Bolis and Giovanni Battista Costanzi.

The CD was followed by a new article, ‘Princely Splendour: Cardinal Henry Stuart and Music Patronage in 18th-century Rome’, published in Volume 71, 2015 of The Consort.

In 2016 Peter and Cappella Fede released The Cardinal King on the Toccata Classics label, which featured more first recordings of works by Bolis and Costanzi, as well as Carlo Tessarini, Nicolò Jommelli and Giovanni Zamboni.

Peter's work on Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart as a patron of music has led to performances of sacred works by Bolis and Costanzi (with Harmonia Sacra) at S Lorenzo in Damaso, Rome (Henry's principal residence as Cardinal Vice-Chancellor) and Frascati Cathedral, Henry's episcopal seat as Bishop of Frascati.

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