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Peter Leech completed his PhD in musicology in 2004 awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, with a thesis entitled ‘Music and Musicians at the Stuart Catholic Courts, 1660-1718’, supervised by leading seventeenth-century specialist Dr Peter Holman MBE.

Peter's core research has dealt with vocal and instrumental music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with areas including music and musicians in the British Royal Catholic chapels 1660-1714, music and musicians in the British Jesuit diaspora 1580-1773, late 17th century instrumental and vocal music in England, 18th century choral and instrumental music in Rome and eighteenth-century Russian Orthodox choral music.

Specific research topics (many yielding publications) have included vocal and instrumental music associated with Queen Catherine of Braganza, King James II (in England and in exile), as well as sacred music associated with Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart (1725-1807) in Rome and sacred music performed for the Russian Tsars during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Other recent research activities include a survey and re-evaluation of the choral output of the 18th-century Roman composers Giovanni Battista Casali, Maria Rosa Coccia and Giovanni Battista Costanzi (involving transcription and editing from widespread European sources), the transcription and editing of a Requiem setting by the early 19th-century Bohemian composer Joseph Holub from an autograph manuscript, and the creation of editions of songs by the 19th-century Bristol composer and child prodigy William Sidney Pratten (also transcribed from autograph manuscripts), composed from the 1850s to the 1870s).

Peter is also compiling an anthology of Russian Orthodox choral music composed between c.1700-c.1900 from original Russian editions by Jurgenson and others. 

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Gaudeamus omnes: Catholic Liturgical Music for St Thomas Becket in the British Isles, Continental Europe and the Venerable English College, Rome c. 1170 - 2020. Memory, Martyrs, and Mission: Essays to commemorate the 850th anniversary of the Martyrdom of St Thomas becket (c.1118 - 1170), Gangemi Editore (Rome, 2020)


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Cherubim & Seraphim_edited.jpg


In dulci jubilo, Choral music for Advent & Christmas. (Harmonia Sacra, Nimbus Alliance, Autumn 2019)
Lux Memoriaque, British contemporary music (Harmonia Sacra, Nimbus Alliance, 2017)
The Cardinal King, Music for Henry Benedict Stuart in Rome, 1740 - 91 (Cappella Fede & Harmonia Sacra, Toccata Classics, 2016)
Princely Splendour, Choral works from 18th century Rome. (Harmonia Sacra, Nimbus Alliance, 2014)
Cherubim & Seraphim, Russian Orthodox choral works from Catherine the Great to Nicholas II. (Harmonia Sacra, Nimbus Alliance, 2012)
La Chasse Royale, The Antoine Selosse Manuscript (Terence Charlston, Deux-Elles, 2010).
Violino o Cornetto, (Canzona, Theresa Caudle, Nimbus, 2010).
Adoremus, Bristol Bach Choir (Live concert recording, Gloucester Cathedral, 2003).

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Selosse Edition HH_edited.jpg


The Antoine Selosse Keyboard Manuscript (Bicester: Edition HH, 2008). Newly-discovered seventeenth-century keyboard music by Antoine Selosse (1621-87), professor of music at the English Jesuit College at St Omer in Flanders (c.1659-85). 92 pages of music, 8 of editorial commentary, in A4 oblong format.
Innocenzo Fede (c.1661-1731) – Laudate pueri dominum for double choir (Cheltenham: Parish Publications, 1999) 13 pages of music, 1 page of editorial commentary in B4 format.
Innocenzo Fede – Nunc dimittis for double choir, strings and continuo (Cheltenham: Parish Publications, 1999) 19 pages of music, 1 page of editorial commentary in B4 format.

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